About us

At ModernBlox Homes (Pvt) Ltd , our focus is on you and your satisfaction. That is why each of our container homes is custom built to fit your needs, with quality and affordability as our main goals. Whether you are wanting it as a cabin at the lake, a detached office, permanent housing, or simply for extra storage, Our solution is a home built from a shipping container which is meticulously designed, durable, flexible, and delivered and installed with surprising ease and quickness to your property. We know you will be satisfied when choosing ModernBlox Homes (Pvt) Ltd. for your specific need.

The ModernBlox Difference

Structural Soundness

These homes are built to last for generations. Your investment will endure.


They can easily be moved to address different needs during its lifetime and yours.

 Everything Proof

Water-proof, rodent and insect-proof, weather-proof, fire resistant…the list goes on.  As a second home, you won’t worry about who or what gets in.


These cubes have the highest standards and thorough detail of a custom home.


We transform raw steel, wood, and other natural design elements into a unique artistic structure.


Recycling a used shipping container and building “small” seals your contribution to the earth.


This is the Fort Knox of tiny homes.  Impossible to steal, hard to break into, it gives you peace of mind.


Each Cube has logged thousands of miles around the