Can Blox be stacked?

A ModernBlox House is built from shipping containers which are stacked up to 9 high when travelling on a ship. A ModernBlox is in its element when it’s stacked and can be placed on a garage, carport, or even another ModernBlox House.


If it’s considered permanent does that mean it can’t move it?

A ModernBlox House is inherently modular, it comes together in modules and can be dismantled back into its original modules. A ModernBlox House is typically welded to a permanent foundation and bolted together onsite. With right tools, our professionals can move your home within a week.


Sri lanka is a tropical country. How is a ModernBlox Home insulated to control the temperature?

Your ModernBlox Home is insulated to perform in the most extreme climates, hot or cold. We use a highly efficient insulation foam to the whole internal panels, which eliminates any air gaps and air transfer. This keeps your ModernBlox House cool.


Will my ModernBlox Home rust?

No. Shipping containers are constructed from marine-grade steel, developed during the 1930s for its anti-corrosive properties. Corten is specifically designed for highly corrosive environments, so commonly used for bridges, ships and shipping containers. Besides shipping container are coated with marine paint.


How long will it take to build a ModernBlox Home?

It will take from one to two months to build it, depending on what you order.


ModernBlox Homes are made from containers how could it be protected from lightning and thunder?

Basically a container acts similar to a faraday case against stuck of lightening. This is just like a vehicle